Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Family, Food and Fun

Ah Mah and Ah Kong have been here for more than half a week now. They have been very busy marketing and cooking.
Yesterday, Edwin tar-pau-ed the pasta from Sofia's for them to try. It's cheaper for take-away. AUD25 instead of AUD29.50 for dine-in.

We didn't go out today and yesterday. The kids relaxed and played at home.

Today we had some friends over. Ah Mah cooked up a feast. We had yam rice, pig trotters, char siu etc etc etc

After dinner, we had a little surprise birthday cake (belated) for Ah Mah. Joseph was just too happy to blow out the candles.


  1. food looks very yummy!!!
    could you please ask Ah Mah to cook for us in August as well?