Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mini me?

Joy-Anne is now 16 months old. I meant to write this yesterday but I got caught up with researching our self-drive trip to the Dandenongs and Mornington and forgot about this. She's developing a character even at this very young age - very determined, stubborn, cute and cheeky yet potentially-manipulative.

She's already bullying her big brother and learning to fight back to defend herself.

Did I mention she's vain too?

And stubborn as well. Just yesterday, Daalin ticked her cheek because she spit saliva out. She was startled and stopped. Five minutes later, she did it again with her eyes trained on papa. As soon as papa got up to walk over to her, she cried "mai! mai!" and waved her hand in protest.

We've got to properly teach this little girl as she grows up.


  1. yes. mini you! :)
    no wonder Joy vain lar... esp when u sold the timberland sandals just becoz it's not pink! alamak...
    why are u only in a short-sleeve blouse when the kids are wearing at least 2 layers and in long-sleeve shirts?

  2. because my jacket is not pink!!! hahahaaaaa!!!