Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 34 - Mother's Day and Surrey Park

Joe's papa writes :
Today is Mother's Day. Darling wanted to go shopping in the afternoon. But she also wanted Joe to have his afternoon nap. So I took him out for a father-and-son-time in the morning.
We opened up the Melway (road map) and picked out the nearest park that looked interesting enough - Surrey Park.
It was just around the corner and too far to walk. Thank God we had our friend's borrowed car to get us there.

But it wasn't a very interesting playground. However, as we walked back to the car, we saw another bigger playground!

The new playground is also next to a lake. And on this particular day, members of the Surrey Park Model Boat Club were playing with their (remote-controlled) boats in the water. Joe had a very nice time looking at the boats. A nice man even took his boat out of the water and showed Joe how the rudder can move via 'remote-control'.

There was also a 'Speak and Listen' device in the playground, where you speak into one of those devices and the sound will be transmitted to another 'Speak and Listen' device somewhere else. Very much like the concept of the stethescope.

The other 'Speak and Listen' device.

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