Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Friday...a good one

Yesterday morning we went to Box Hill Centro for the last time to get some last minute stuff. A certain someone said he would clean our house only if he got paid with chocolates. So we went to buy chocolates.

you think I'd make a cool mat rempit?

So anyway, shopping took longer than expected because the kids got stuck at Target.

Joy-Anne fell asleep on the way home, still holding her half-eaten cheese stick.

At night, we had a dinner appointment with Uncle K.

Guess where we ate....

Joe loved the cake. sinfully delicious.

And he now loves smiling for the camera.

He will run to the camera, pose and say, "Hey...don't forget to take my picture....because...I am very handsome!"

Goodbye Melbourne....and Goodbye Sofia's!


  1. doesn't the certain someone need to slim down for the wedding??
    aiyoh... i'll buy u more chocolates and then can eat after wedding lar... hahaha!!!!

  2. Sofia's again!!!