Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Joe can 'read'

One thing that I'll miss when we get leave Melbourne is the Box Hill library. We stumbled upon it while checking out the playground next to it. So we registered and got ourselves a membership card.

Every few days we visit to borrow dozens of books. It's a wonderful place!

Joe loved this book - "Whales - the Gentle Giants".

He got his papa to read it to him again and again. After a few times, I was surprised to find he could 'read' it from cover to cover. All 48 pages!

I managed to video him reading the entire book but this connection is way too slow to upload it all.

Since he was so fascinated with whales, we then looked up videos of whales on youtube. He was very amused with a video of an orca eating a hamburger (It was a Burger King ad).

I guess it's back to DUMC's library when we get home. It's a much smaller selection and he's only allowed 2 items each time. :-(


  1. why is joe's voice 'squeaky?'
    he sounds congested too.

    sick again?

  2. his personal santa gonna visit him in Aug with more books!!

  3. both are coughing and having runny nose. I hope they recover in time before we fly otherwise cannot get on plane.

  4. does joe always pronouce 'gentle giants' as 'zentle ziants' or is it his cold?

  5. it's his cold la.... cannot breathe properly