Sunday, April 26, 2009

A very cold Sunday

It was really cold today. Temperatures of 9-14C and winds up to 80km/h. Way too cold for Nana. So she dressed Joy-Anne up like an eskimo. Joy-Anne's jacket is a hand-me-down from one of Ah Mah's nice, generous friend. It's a very good quality one and it came just the week before we left home - God's timely providence.
A friend whom I've not seen in at least 10 years gave us a lift to CityLife Church @ Knox. I met Kenneth at MYF Camps when I was about 15 years old. He was then from Canning Garden Methodist Church and I was from Penang Trinity.

I came across his name in the list of LifeGroups from the CityLife Church brochure I got from the Manningham location. Thank God for Facebook to help me connect with him. And then I found out that he lives right here in Box Hill! Coincidence? I prefer to call it divine intervention.

Because Kenneth could not fetch all 5 of us in his car, another friend gave Edwin a lift to church.

Joseph and Joy-Anne had fun at Roar Kids. No photos because of their strict policy. Joe went to the Mighty Warriors group (for 4-5 year-olds) and Joy-Anne went to the Lion Cubs (12months - 2.5 years).

After church, Kenneth gave us a lift to the nearby Knox City Shopping Center. Because there's 5 of us, he kindly made 2 trips. God bless him!

At Knox City, we found this Kids Play Area which made Joseph's eyes open wide.

Edwin kept watch over him while Nana, Joy-Anne and I went shopping. Joy-Anne soon fell asleep and we could window-shop in peace.

We had pizza for lunch. Then the kids played some more while mama went window-shopping.

We took the 3.12pm bus #732 from Knox City to Box Hill where we did our grocery shopping before catching the #733 bus from Box Hill to the bus stop right at our doorstep.
I'm so thankful for the jackets (that I didn't buy) which kept the kids warm. Joseph's parka is from Aunty Su Yin who bought it for Timothy but found it too big for him. He also got some warm clothing from a friend who recently moved back to KL from China and has 2 boys who are a bit bigger than Joe. The perfect timing when the clothes arrived and the perfect size is testimony to God's providence.


  1. aiyoh... autumn dress like eskimo; winter... how??
    thankfully mickey lives in florida!
    not cold!

  2. Wahhh...seronoknya. I was trying to contact all moms that were involved in the project. I was here a few days ago...knowing that you're in faraway land, I know I'd miss you on that day lah. And i didn't leave a message here...anyway thanks for dropping the note in my blog, this is last minute...I'm nervous but pretty sure everything will be ok.