Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We stayed in today to catch up on some of Joe's schoolwork. His teacher emailed me his syllabus for last week and I had to go through it with him.
Homeschooling can make me vomit blood.... blearrgghhhhhh!!!!!
So here are some pictures of Joe's birthday celebration at school (on 6th April) because I didn't take any today. Quite impossible to hold the camera and wooden spoon as well :-)
His attention span with homework is as little as the time he takes to pang sai. (pang sai = poo poo) Very, very little.
He writes one character/letter. Then he looks left, right, up, down. He asks me what I'm doing. What is this...what is that... Then he needs to go to the toilet...or he needs a drink.

He can write until the eraser goes missing, and the pencil disappears behind the sofa. Before this, I didn't know pencils can grow wings.
Joe, Nat and Teacher Stephanie (I forgot to have them take a photo with teacher Esther.)
I'm surprised that his teacher says he's very good at school. And he can also tell me that he has to pay attention in school.

It's a whole different ballgame at home. Or maybe teaching is just not for me. Don't have the patience to tolerate his nonsense.
I hope he grows out of this when he grows bigger.... or I'll probably develope hypertension prematurely.

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  1. That day YY came back with a party pack, and told me it's Joseph and Nathaniel birthday :-)