Thursday, April 09, 2009

Day 3 in Melbourne

Another lazy boring day. We've kinda established a routine. Go to the mall after breakfast. Come home for lunch. Nap. Go out again. Come home and sleep. But the kids seem to enjoy it. Joy-Anne just loves to go kai kai. Any mention of the word 'walk' and she goes straight for her shoe and the stroller.

Food is abundant. Joseph is eating really well. I hope he will be more 'bak bak' when we get home so that Yee Yee will not complain that he is skinny.

Joy-Anne is eating chicken! I found she's got her first upper left molar already. And the lower left one is almost thru the gums. Both the upper and lower right ones can also be felt just under the gums.

Eating well also means the floor gets very messy. Thank God the ang mohs are smart enough to NOT carpet the kitchen.

We pass this Lexus showroom on the way to the mall. Less than $60K nia leh..... In Malaysia, you get a Waja.

We went to Target today. Joe saw a lot of stuff that we don't see in Malaysia. He looked at some of the Bob the Builder take-a-long toys (like Skip and Dodger) and he looked at me and said, "Hmm....I don't have these. So mama....." and I pretended to not know.

In the evening, we walked the other way down Elgar Road and saw a pear tree. I've never seen a pear tree.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here - Good Friday. Have not quite figured out what to do yet. Most things are closed. The zoo is open though. Thinking of going there.... we'll see...


  1. Good Friday = go to church!

  2. and a partridge in a pear tree...

  3. whatsa partridge ah?!?!