Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Joe's early birthday card and Barney the Magician

Two days ago a letter came in the mail addressed to Joseph Tan. Excitedly, he opened it to find a birthday card from Dutch Lady. It had a story of some picnic and stickers to accompany.

So as I read the story for him, he stuck the right stickers in the right place. After that, I told him to look at the pictures and tell the story back to me.

Instead of telling a plain story, he composed his own song.

Then he presented a pretend magic show with Barney as the magician.


  1. hahaha. you've got really cute kids! :)

    Joy-Anne is so cute, she was happily clapping her hands to her koko's song.

    the last video, poor girl kena bully by her koko...

    Joe is really boy!


  2. Wah, Joe is adorable....
    I wanted to give him a birthday present too. Would you people be around tomorrow (Sat)?