Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was Easter. The mall was closed. The kids had a private Easter egg hunt around the house using chocolate eggs. Joe was very excited. Then we went to CityLife Church at Manningham, recommended by a ex-classmate who goes to another branch of CityLife.
We WALKED 3.5km to get to church. This is probably one of the craziest things I've done to get to church.
It took us 40minutes and the long walk gave me a chance to reflect on all that Jesus has done for me on the cross. He carried a heavy cross all the way (uphill!) to Golgotha. I was just pushing a stroller 3.5km. That's nothing when you put it in proper perspective.

The church was majority asians and the songs they sang were very familiar to those back home in DUMC. They also had a toddler programme called ROAR Kids.

I didn't take photos because the children's pastor said they have a very strict policy with digital photos. Joseph quite enjoyed himself. It was a very small group of kids. Not more than 10.

He learned about Jesus and his disciples. He even wrote his own name all by himself on his art work. I helped him with the 's'.

We got a ride home after church, and then had a good nap after lunch.

In the evening, we walked 1.2km to Elgar Park where there's a miniature railway. However, it was not running yesterday. Nevertheless, the kids had a good time at the playground next to it.

I thought this picture looks like Joe kissing a girlfriend while out pak-tho-ing on a motorbike.

This train is quite cute. Joe went inside and said he's a train engineer.

Then he climbed the spider's web. Again, I don't think he would have tried this a few months ago.

We'll try this park again next Sunday when the miniature railway has public runs. Hopefully Joe can get a ride.

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