Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 12: Melbourne museum .... and Sofia

This was out Saturday adventure... the Melbourne Museum!
I must admit that when a friend suggested we visit the Melbourne Museum, thoughts of our Muzium Negara came to mind....boring!
But I checked out the Melbourne Museum website and found it very interesting. I'm so glad we made the visit. It was worth every cent of the $8 admission fee per adult. Kids get in free! The exhibits are really cool. And informative too!

A highlight was their new permanent exhibit....the Dinosaur Walk!Being the Victorian school holidays, there was also a 'real' dinosaur walkabout 3 times a day. Initially Joe was quite hesitant but he soon warmed up and kept touching the dinosaur.
There's a really cool children's gallery in the museum. Joe liked these mirrors.

Even the fake stuff looked pretty real.

There was this area where kids could put on stuffed dino tails and pretend to be dinosaurs.

The children's gallery had this special 1-2-3-grow feature. It showed how animals grow.

I was surprised how much Joe has grown. The last time I measured him, he was about 104cm only.

Just outside the children's gallery is a outdoor courtyard for kids to enjoy.

And there's some historical explanation to the games featured.

I never knew this game was called Quoits. I don't even know how to pronounce it...

The kids enjoyed playing with the giant foam Lego blocks.

Then we checked out the Forest Gallery..... and Joe tried counting the stick insects.
Happiness is finding a playground....

Our last stop was the Melbourne Gallery.

This is Edwin's idea of a great roller coaster ride....
....a coach screwed stuck to the floor with a giant screen showing a real roller coaster!

We also saw a tiny house from ancient Melbourne... flush toilet!

We left the museum just as it was closing and then made our way to Sofia's at Camberwell.

After downing the yummy tiramisu, we had the Pasta Mista for 2. Yup...that mountain of pasta is meant for TWO!

Joy-Anne enjoyed feeding herself....

....and then she dug her nose.... (how unladylike!)

...and then she fed Nana!!!

And after we were so full.... there was still so much pasta left!

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