Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chadstone - a free bus ride away

Last night, I was browsing thru the junk mail and local newspaper that comes free in the mail box when I came across an ad about a free bus service. Apparently route#903 has just commenced and is free till this Sunday 3rd May. And it goes to Chadstone Shopping Center as well as Doncaster Shoppingtown!
So this morning, we packed lunch for the kids and hopped on the bus to Chadstone.
Joe's first stop was ToysRus.
He made himself very at home.
Joy got onto this skateboard with handles all by herself and then said, "push".
They went round and round and round. It's a good thing we didn't get chased out.

By lunch time, Joe said, "I'm very hungry". We walked past a stall selling chinese food in the food court on our way into ToysRus and Joe said he wanted fried rice!

So I got him fried rice. He looked as if he had not eaten in days!

I thought he was a 'banana' but maybe he's really chinese after all. And so he ate a really huge portion of the fried rice. This is his first rice meal in more than 3 weeks!

The rest of the day was spent only at the toys section of Myers and David Jones, with stops each time we come across one of these money-eating machines.

Joy-Anne had a nap and then woke up with really lovely rosey cheeks.

Tomorrow we'll check out the local library which is nearby. One can borrow up to 70items with a single card!


  1. did u feed the money-eating machines?
    did joe jump off when it moved?

  2. of course NOTTTTT!
    it's AUD2 per ride. He knows "it's very expensive".

  3. two aussie dollars??!!
    it's only 50 US cents here.

  4. hey....2 aussie dollars is 5 ringgit ok.... can ride 'scoop' 5 times. So he said he'll wait till we get back to KL to ride scoop.