Thursday, April 23, 2009

new house in Box Hill

We moved over to another rented house in Box Hill yesterday. This house is cheaper and bigger than the earlier one in Elgar Road. We actually wanted this house but it wasn't available for the entire duration hence the need to move. It's got 3 bedrooms and can comfortably sleep 6. Large living/dining area and well-equipped kitchen.
But there's only one bathroom/toilet. Houses here can be rather weird. I've come across houses with 6 bedrooms and only one bathroom/toilet.

Joy-Anne has been very cheeky lately. She talks non-stop and says everything we say.

I noticed that she has a beer belly! It's really big and round and even more obvious when she's got no clothes on.

This evening, I suggested to Joseph to make a card for Ah Mah as her birthday is next week.
Joy-Anne wants to busy herself too...

But he wanted to make a card for Tua Um and Tua Pek. He said it's because he went to their house before.

So he wrote in the card and decorated the outside. And he said, "Tua Um and Tua Pek will be really pleased". I hope so indeed.


  1. beer belly? sure boh? i think it's ok one la, she'll probably lose it as she gets more and more active :)
    what's her weight now?

  2. Dunno la.... I think bout 11kg. She was about 10.5kg before we left. Definitely has put on weight since then.... but dunno how much.