Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 13: Miniature railway

Last Sunday 12th April, we took a walk to Elgar Park where we found this miniature railway line. It wasn't running though and there was a sign that the next run would be on 19th April. So yesterday, we made sure we were there! Just a 10-minute walk from our rented house on Elgar Road, this miniature railway is pretty cool. I'm surprised such a small train can take so many people. Rides cost $3 per person, regardless adult or child. Joe had a ride with papa...and he was thrilled!
Then he had a run at the adjacent playground.

Before going home, we decided to let him have a second ride.....this time with mama!
I must say I enjoyed it too.
It was pretty cool to have the wind in your hair.
I think we will now give Puffing Billy a miss. Joe will not understand nor appreciate the significance of Puffing Billy. I'm sure he doesn't quite care if it's the oldest steam engine or a brand new electric train.

On another note.... at dinner today.... Joe asked me, "How does papa inject sperm into mama?" do I explain the birds and the bees to a 4-year-old???


  1. Tell it like it is!!

  2. If you want I can help explain to him!

  3. where's that book that u have which explains the subject matter very well?