Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ten rice-less days

It's been 10 days since we've been in Melbourne and I've not had a single meal of rice. Don't get me wrong....this is bliss for me. We're not rice people.
The kids love it too. Joseph is so happy eating steamed potatoes with hard-boiled eggs and mayonaise. Joy-Anne loves pasta. I'm starting to think the only thing chinese about them is their black hair.
We've been buying roast chicken to eat with lettuce. A huge roast chicken (with stuffing) cost AUD10 and it lasts us about 3 days. Edwin eats it with bread but I just use lettuce to wrap the chicken. Like popiah.
The kids love yoghurt too. We buy the 1kg tubs.
And I love the ice-cream which is so much cheaper than back home.

This 1.5kg pack of very nice potatoes cost only AUD0.99.
Dollar for dollar...I think it's dirt cheap. After conversion, it's still cheap.
I love these donuts warm (microwave for a minute) and topped with the very creamy Australian vanilla ice-cream. So cheap lehh....

Thank God for all the walking to burn off the extra calories.

Back to homeschooling, I had a huge headache with Joseph this afternoon. He took a total of 2 hours to write one page of chinese characters.




mama see....I'm riding a motorbike!



He finally finished it at about 5.30pm. But he did not get his playground fix. Homeschooling's definitely not for me.


  1. He is only 4 years old. Why make him write so much.

  2. Joe's a banana too. Chinese outside, caucasian inside!
    don't like learning chinese.
    Ask Ah Ku for homeschooling tips. How did Nana handle Ah Ku back in those days?

  3. not so much la.... he can do it...just so Ah Ku!!!

  4. one piece of muscle in our parent's heart called discipline. It is usually underutilized. sigh...from David Kam -- The trying hard to use.

  5. Haiyo!!! I can so relate to the difficulty in getting YY to do her homework. I almost always vomit blood trying to get her to complete her homework. But seriously, sometimes I think it's a little too much for the 4-year old.