Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Journey to Melbourne

We're here! After months of planning and researching...we're finally here in Melbourne. I'm updating this blog from the FoodCourt at Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown. Most of the mall is closed at this hour (9pm) but this place is open. Only Coles and Safeway are open right now.
It was a pleasant journey here which began promptly at 5.30pm with the arrival of our friendly regular cab driver, James.

James drives a very nice MPV that has 2 dvd players to keep his passengers entertained.

At the airport, it took us such a long time to check in because there were only 2 counters open.

Joseph was quite excited. He was in the know of where we were, what we were there for and where we were going.
After checking in, Edwin and Joseph went to the Plaza Premier Lounge (complimentary entrance with Citibank Platinum card) for dinner. I took my mum to Burger King (she don't have card mah...) before running in to get a quick bite myself and then we had to get to the gate.

Joy-Anne kept saying "airport" the whole time. She quite enjoyed the flight, busying herself with everything around her.

Joseph slept through most of the flight. Joy-Anne slept a bit, stretched out across 2 seats (with seat belt buckled of course) but not very soundly coz she kept wanting to roll off the seats.
It took us an hour to get out of the airport after landing. Thank God everything went through safely.

We didn't do much today.... slept, bought groceries.
I do not like ang-moh toilets/bathroom. The shower head is stuck to the wall. There is no bidet in the toilet (ang mohs don't wash backside???).
Oh well...we'll just have to make do.
And it's not thatttt cold. At least to me. Just comfortable. We're looking forward to the farm this Saturday....till then...

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  1. glad to hear you've all arrived safely in Melbourne after a pleasant flight :)

    bidet? haha. yeah i think ang mohs dont wash backside one....they wipe nia...

    eh take photos of the place that you guys are staying in...

    so going to meet up with Po Lin?