Saturday, April 11, 2009

Melbourne Day 4

Yesterday was Good Friday. The mall was closed so we couldn't come here to get our internet fix.
After breakfast, we took a walk to Ruffey Lake Park.
It was a 3.3km walk. We actually didn't quite know what to do. And didn't want to spend $10.60 per person for a daily train/tram/bus ticket. So we just looked a googlemaps and picked the nearest park to walk to.
Luck had it in for us that as we arrived at the park, the Annual Melbourne Passion Play was just starting.

There were Roman Soldiers on horseback!

From the looks of the was going to be a very long play. It started with Jesus' baptism and ended with his resurrection.
So knowing that the kids would not sit through it, we took a walk around the park, looking for the playground.

Joseph was quite happy to run and climb. He was like a bird out of a cage!

After all that energy-sapping play, we sat down for a picnic lunch. Joe was really hungry and fed himself mashed potatoes. He ate really well.

By then, we could hear the play from the other end of the park. So we hurried back to where they crucified Jesus.

It was quite an experience for Joseph.
Joy-Anne didn't know anything and dozed off on Nana's shoulders. It then started to drizzle as we were walking home. Nana was very stubborn and did not want to put Joy down in the stroller. So she carried Joy-Anne while walking 3km home.
Thank God for a very strong Nana!

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