Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Settling into Melbourne

We started off the morning with a walk to Westfield Doncaster (again!). Actually it was 10.30am by the time we got out of the house.

At 11am, Joe listened to this ang moh lady tell some stories at Borders. They have 'storytime' everyday at 11am during the school holidays (which is this whole week).

Joy-Anne busied herself walking about and trying to climb the bookshelves.

We went home after that for lunch. Joe helped to make mashed potatoes and ate it with ham (first time he's eating ham!).

Then we had a good afternoon nap....and then a lazy evening.

Some pictures of the house....

Nana and Joy's bedroom.

Bathroom.... has 2 doors (with no locks!)

Living room....

Our bedroom..... Joe wants to sleep with us on this Queen-sized bed. It's very cosy indeed with 3 of us on it.

And this was taken last night at Safeway while I was updating this blog....
It'll be another slow day tomorrow before Good Friday. We're planning to visit a farm this Saturday. That'll probably be our first tourist attraction. More exciting pictures then....


  1. I miss jo jo and joyanne already!

  2. reuben, u should fly there and join them for a short holiday! :)
    ask your sisters to sponsor you la... ;)

    Lah, nice place! looks so cosy...

  3. i miss jojo and joyanne too!!
    was that a real live dog?