Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wearing Dora & Diego

Enough already about caning which drew a lot of responses I didn't expect.

The kids couldn't wait to get into their Nickelodeon gear. Joy-Anne especially. She wanted to wear Dora clothes, carry her Dora bag, and her Dora water bottle. She's also got Dora panties and Dora socks.
She can wear this size 5 Dora pyjamas very comfortably although the pants are long. But I like the big size because there's so much room for her to move about. Comfy for sleeping!
Joe has less Diego gear than Joy has Dora gear but he has been very cool about it. I also love the way he's so protective of his sister when other children try to bully her.
And for the record....I weighed both kids 2 days ago and got a shock with Joy's weight.....16.8kg!! Joseph is a decent 20.4kg.


  1. J needs a much bigger bottle!

  2. 16.8kg... nmind la, as long as she's healthy, active & super cute! that's what matters most right? :):)

    you've got super cute kids! i love joy's sweet & cheeky smile...