Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Round or V?

There's a new show on Playhouse Disney. Angelina Ballerina is making my princess do ballet moves. She will stand in front of the mirror and do leg lifts, asks for her 'dancing dress' and then twirl and twirl.

So I'm planning to order some custom-tailored umbrella-skirt design kind of dress. But I have a problem deciding on the actual design.


or round-neck?

Kindly help me 'vote' by leaving a comment.


  1. Round neck one or me because I think in overall, the design is pretty compared to the v neck one.

  2. Both are very very nice. I'd go for both, if can. But if you put a gun to my head and ask me to choose, then it's the round neck. Btw, who's the supplier? I wanna order also!

  3. not supplier. tailor.
    those pics are googled as example. not to be mistaken for actual end-product, in case I mislead you.

    I think the contrast of the waistband and the bottom part of the round neck one looks nice don't you think?

  4. look into her closet, how many v neck and round neck items does Joy have? if got no v neck but lots of round neck.... then order a v neck one lor.....

    personally i like v neck. i concur with you that the overall design of the round neck dress looks nice. get the tailor to copy the design.

  5. my receptionist and dsa both say round neck more suitable for kids.

    and Nana & YeeYee both opt for round neck (without consulting each other) because v-neck is for women with cleavage.

  6. my vote is for round neck too! =)

  7. Round necks frame a child's face and draw attention to their cherubic chubby cheeks - same reason girl's fashion have peter pan collars, 'bib' features like smocking, embroidery and such. V necks have visual effect of elongating neck, making them look 'older'. Chubby faces only look good at that age, plenty of time for v-necks later as they stay cute and cherubic for those precious few years!

  8. I will go for round neck too. V-neck is more suitable for "elderly" age... not for young age like Joy :)
    I want to order one for my princess Jo too ... she juz loves dancing. Can get discount if order >1?