Friday, June 04, 2010

Joe's Wild Wild West Party

Joseph had a Wild Wild West-themed party at school this morning. He was pretty excited. Except for the hat, everything else in his outfit is self-assembled-DIY.
I bought the hat (RM12.50) from a toy shop at PJ Old Town. He wore a hand-me-down Raulph Lauren striped long-sleeved shirt, his favourite jeans from Target Australia and his page-boy vest. The red scarf is about 20years old.
The star badge (with his name on it!) is from USA and the belt buckle is a very last-minute thing I made this morning out of milo tin foil.
We got to school a bit late but there were lots of kids who came even later. I asked Joseph where his best friend was because I just didn't recognize her in her very nice outfit and Joe very shyly pointed her out. So I asked if he wanted to take a photo with her. He nodded but was still very shy. But his pretty best friend very happily came over to sit next to him for a picture. Their other classmate however wanted a piece of the action too. And I didn't want to be rude.
So after the photo above, I managed to snap another one of just the two of them.

And then another shot with Miss C's cowboy hat....and the other girl.

Then one more picture carefully trying to get just the two of them.

The kids ran around and around before one parent managed to get them to stand together for a group picture.

Then they went to wash their hands and settled back down for their food.

There really was a LOT of food!!! I'm sure the teachers had an abundance of leftovers for lunch. While the children ate, I busybodied a little and walked around checking out the other classes food and kid costumes.
a whole tray of Ferrero Rocher!!!

check out the cute pink butterfly cookie


someone in Joe's class brought WildWildWest-themed cupcakes!

After eating, I took somemore photos....

And then the princess arrived. Daalin dropped her off on his way to work.

I think Jovene really does like Joe. Either that or she just really likes taking photos. Since her mummy wasn't there to take for her, I kindly obliged her.

If there was an award for best-dressed teacher, I would have awarded it to Teacher Esther. She even painted her feet!

Teacher Jonathan came along for the official class party photo.

Yeeeha!!!! School's out for 2 weeks! (See the happiness on teacher's face!)

Joseph came home quite happy. He didn't win the best-dressed award but I had already prepared him for this because I wasn't expecting him to win.

The boy who won (one kid per class) had toy guns to complete the costume and I told Joe I didn't want him carrying guns. So he replied, "Then carry Bible lah!" and while I was quite impressed and amused at the same time, I didn't quite know how to explain to him that it wouldn't quite 'go' together. After all, have you seen a Bible-toting cowboy?

He finally said that he's the only Jesus-loving cowboy around. (I'm trying to get a video loaded but it's super slow)


  1. He's not just any cowboy, he's a texas ranger!!
    that's what the badge says.
    next time, let him bring his Bible.

  2. Too bad Yiu Yiu had to missed the party, but good thing we didn't fussed much over her outfit too - had assembled something out of her wardrobe. Hubby also belum sempat to scout for the hat when we got the news.

  3. hi there, came from hui wearn's blog and found out that Joe is attending same school as Faythe. Wah I like the self made belt, very cool!!

    the wild wild west cupcakes were brought by Gabriel, my nephew :)