Saturday, June 12, 2010

School during the Holidays

Joseph has been very happy to NOT have to go to school in the past week. I was pretty happy too to not have to rush him in the mornings. But I thought he shouldn't just all play and no work coz that makes Jack a dumb boy right? So I pulled out some books that were given by a homeschooling friend in Singapore.
Books for Primary 1 but Joseph totally surprised me. He read the instructions and the words all by himself before I could even open my mouth. I didn't know he could read! So he did most of the work by himself.

Then after a few pages, we switched to numbers.

The first few pages are real peanuts. Joe just took one look and wrote down the answers. And then he gave himself stars! I thought he did deserve it because again, he read the instructions by himself.

Joy asked for her Dora school bag and wouldn't put it down after that.
She says she is going to school by bus and that Kor Kor is her teacher.

She does look pretty ready. And by January, she would have been toilet-trained for a whole year already.

She doesn't quite look nor sound like a regular 2-year-old. When asked questions, she answers in complete sentences e.g. "Yes, I did" or "No, I didn't".

But we are not planning on sending her to school till 2012 when she's 4-years old.

So Princess School will be at home till then.


  1. where is joy going?
    couldn't hear lah...
    4 years-old is a good age.
    any younger would be too soon.

  2. btw, where are joe's glasses?
    still intact?

  3. glasses in the school bag. After making only he tell me he only have to wear during Teacher SL's class because she use red maker pen. Teacher K's class no need to use because she use dark (blue/black) marker pen and he can see. **slap forehead!!!**