Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Time on The Family Bed

Another of the kids' favourite activity for Family Time is playing/camping/reading/jumping on the bed. They can arrange the pillows and imagine it's a campfire or that they're in a boat.
Of course, jumping is an all-time favourite activity.
After 8 years and lots of jumping, the springs in the mattress are creaking and I know it's high time for a change.
YeeYee tells me that the kids should sleep on their own beds. (I'm waiting to see YeeTeow lock their kids out of their room...heh heh!)

But they are just so adorable when they sleep. And they smell so nice.

I love looking at their sweet-surrender look.

Sure I sometimes don't sleep too soundly because it's not uncommon to have a foot in your face or a leg landing on your tummy. And you find your bolster gets stolen now and then.
Or once in a while, you have to wake up in the middle of the night to help Joe hunt for Barney and then find that Papa is hugging Barney.
Sure I know there are lots of people who feel kids should sleep in their own beds. I don't want to pick a fight. And one day they will. But for now, they are most welcome to sleep with us.

In fact, I'm planning on having a GIANT bed when we move to our new place.

TWO King-sized beds next to each other!!!


  1. did u tell Joe that his Barney is from See yee poh? you should show him pictures of seeyee too.
    yeeteow is paranoid now. no kids jumping on his bed! or sleeping in his bed! we'll see... hahaha!

  2. Eh then when do you 2 have time to be intimate ah??

  3. i totally 100% agree with you. i love having the kids sleep with us. Sam still sleeps in his cot, Rachel has her own mattress placed beside our bed (our mattress is also on the floor) but she loves to come and sleep with us. And i definitely dont mind.

    like you, i love their sweet-surrender look when they are sleeping. and they have the most angelic faces when they are asleep. i sometimes love to just sit down and gaze at them sleeping...

    yeay to TWO king-sized beds! how i wish i have the space to do that too! it would be lovely! :):)

    Reuben, i suppose the most logical answer would be when the kids are asleep la! hahahahaha :P:P Right, Lah?

  4. haha...yes of course la when they are asleep. don't have to worry about that now. Cross the bridge when you come to it.

  5. omg! TWO king size beds next to each other? wow, i can already see you family planning for 4 kids!! *wink*

  6. new place? where to?

  7. Yen Mei - new place nearby. still in PJ. nearer to my work, E's work, Joe's current and future school and our church.
    double the size of our current place. 4bedrooms (all ensuite!) 5 bathrooms. wash until siau! :-)

  8. btw, if you're already wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants AND socks to sleep in hot and humid weather, what will you wear when u come visit me in the winter?
    how to play in the snow?

  9. you have heating right??? Or are we supposed to pitch a tent and camp out in the snow?? Told you my place is cold past midnight. But the princess will pull off her socks in the night.

  10. camping in the snow... now that sounds like fun!
    yes lah... of course we have heating. but the cold here is much, much colder than your cold over there. and u can't just stay indoors. u have to go out to play in the snow!