Monday, June 21, 2010

Holiday in Singapore - Science Center and Singapore Zoo

I know YeeYee has been patiently waiting to see our holiday pictures...

We spent Friday travelling, Saturday at the Science Center, Sunday at the Zoo and Monday playing Wii and travelling.

I'll let the pictures to the talking :

J & j and their cousins

all the Dora & Diego gear - Thank you TuaPek & TuaUm!

Diego book and socks for Joe

Joshua reading Joy's new Kai-Lan book to her

a huge T-Rex greeted us at the entrance to the Science Center. Joy cried, "I want to run away!!!!" And then when we wanted to leave, she said, "I want to see the dinosaur!"

there was a Pixar 20th anniversary exhibition - separate admission charges.

pirate Joe

cowboy Joe

pirate Joy

Daalin's head on a platter

and Joe's head on a platter

Joe checking out a whirlpool

tri-coloured shadow

great white shark

Joe and dinosaur bones

this was surely the highlight - WaterWorks!

The Singapore Zoo really impressed me - very good landscaping, clean and kid-friendly.

Ben&Jerry's signature cow. Joe asked me why there was a cow in the zoo coz cows belong in farms!

the White Tiger was the most ferocious of animals we said hello to

Joe gave a thumbs-up for the very green toilet

We caught the Splash Safari show

And then it was off to the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre to wait for Dora & Diego. I think Joy was a little frightened by the overwhelmingly huge Dora. She held on to me really tightly!

Joe enjoyed it but it was really quite short. It's not a stage show where you pay (a lot) of money to sit like in Istana Budaya or Bukit Jalil Stadium. So I guess you can't expect too much.

meet Ah Meng - the restaurant in the zoo is named after him

After lunch, Joe finally got to jump into the WaterPlay area. God was really really VERY good to us! As soon as we opened the KFC door and stepped out, the sun disappeared behind thick clouds and stayed away for a good 2 hours!
So it was very nice and cloudy and the kids had a great time! While Joe dived in right away, Joy was more cautious and stayed on the perimeters just getting her toes wet.

After a while, she ventured further in and pulled me along. I was not dressed for a swim but got splashed anway.

Joseph was absolutely fearless. A year ago, I know he would have tried to avoid water getting into his eyes.

Now, he runs through all that shooting water on purpose.

He loved the water slides and could tell me the light blue one is the highest and longest!

There was a huge elephant bucket that kept filling with water and when it was almost full, there would be a bell ringing. All the kids (and big oversized kids) would gather at the bottom and wait for the big splash! Joe joined in the fun!
I think this WaterPlay area is much better than WaterWorks at the Science Center. If I lived around here, and earned S$, I would probably be a regular. It's better than any swimming pool, and just so family-friendly! But would you pay S$12 per kid and S$18 per adult just to come in here?

The sky was getting gloomy by the time Joe had enough of running and splashing. But we still went over to the Dino Walk.

this is a parasaurolophus

that's a triceratops

and Joe says this is a stegosaurus. I have no idea.

We found this next to the Dino Walk.
Joe really had fun and we kinda pretended we couldn't read the sign that says "For age 6 and above".

Joy also wanted to join in the fun so I let her. See the priceless look of delight on her face!

This is the 4th zoo that my ho-mia kids have been to. And on 3 different continents in 4 countries! See I counted A'Famosa (Alor Gajah) and Honolulu Zoo in 2008, Melbourne Zoo in 2009 and now Singapore Zoo in 2010.

I must remind the kids to thank their wonderful dad who did all the driving and took time off work so that they could have a wonderful time.

Thanks to very generous and hospitable family and friends, we saved money on accommodation. All in, I think we spent no more than RM500 for transport, food, entrance tickets etc. I think we should do this on an annual basis. Just the 4 (or more in future?) of us.


  1. thanks for the pics.
    joy looks bigger than the stroller now. did joe do all the walking by himself? did he ask to ride in the stroller at all?
    and is that the youth 1 or 2 timberland sandals on joe?
    (the pic with the crocodile)

  2. yes she is overflowing out of the stroller.

    and yes, Joe did ALL that walking! I'm very proud of him for not trying to evict Joy from the stroller. At some points Edwin did carry him. Especially the part AFTER all the waterplay.

    timberland is youth2 size.

  3. wow, that Water Play area in Sg Zoo certainly looks fun!
    i will definitely plan to go there next time (is the water play area new? coz i dont remember it being there when we visited Sg Zoo in year 2008).
    Rachel & Sam will definitely love it!

    hehe. i cldnt help laughing at Joy's reaction to T-rex coz it reminded me of Rachel's reaction! rachel refused to go near T-rex! hahaha.

    lovely photos. and hey, Joy's grown so much la...she doesnt look like at 2 years old...

  4. dunno if the WaterPlay@Zoo is new...could be.

    when we finally wanted to leave in the evening, Joy said, "I want to see the dinosaur!!!!" geram....

    I told her "You don't sound nor look like a 2 year old" and she frowned and told me, "YOu don't say don't say I'm not 2 years old!"

  5. Yeeteow is also very proud of Joe for doing ALL the walking by himself.

  6. yeah but on both days as we were making our way out of the zoo and the science center, he was so tired he just sat down on the floor and said he ran out of batteries. was quite funny. then edwin had to give him piggy back ride.

  7. looks like a super fun holiday!

    I've never been to singapore with the kids before so will KIV it for future holiday plans.

  8. The kids sure look like they enjoyed themselves. Eh, just curious.. is Joy a good eater? I love her chubbiness but can't figure out why, coz you and Edwin are really slim. Joy is sooo cubit-able

  9. at the moment she eats a bigger portion of porridge and with much more ease then Joseph.
    but that's about all she eats - quaker oats porridge. never had a whole meal of rice up till now. wan tan mee is a favourite. mixed with oats!
    plus at least 4, sometimes 5 bottles of milk a day. My mum is a good feeder. like fattening the pig (she was born in the pig year!) for slaughter :-)

  10. I didn't know there was a Water Play area in Singapore Zoo either. We were there end 2008 but don't remember seeing it. Looks like so much fun.