Sunday, June 20, 2010

Very Yummy Dessert and Cute Pics

Our family holiday down south started on Friday morning. After breakfast, we drove straight for Yong Peng, arriving before 12noon. The kids had a good time playing together while Daalin took a nap.

At about 3pm, we left Yong Peng for Singapore. The drive was smooth and the traffic at the Causeway was not too bad.

Once in Singapore, we headed straight for TaiSoh's parents place. The kids played while we chatted and then the aroma of Shepherd's Pie baking in the oven made me really hungry.

Aunty Cath is a really good cook! I forgot to take any pictures of the yummy Shepherd's Pie and Pumpkin Soup. But dessert was even better! Even Joy-Anne enjoyed it!!!

I don't know what it's called and neither does the chef. But it's bananas cooked in caramelized sugar and orange +lime juice and then topped with vanilla ice-cream. Aunty Cath added some orange liquor in it (swa ku like me dunno what it's called) and it's incredibly heavenly!

Joe had it without the ice-cream because of his cough. And both kids had it without the liquor.

After dinner, Uncle Nick whipped out his bazooka, I mean camera and Joy-Anne happily posed for him.

She took a natural liking to Nick who's quite a natural with kids.

In fact, she suddenly liked posing so much that even when Uncle Nick came over to TuaPek/TuaUm's place at night (without his bazooka), she said to him, "I want to take photo" and he took with his iPhone.

I really like this father-and-daughter shot.
And that was a lovely sweet start to our Singapore Holiday!

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  1. yay! Joy will be all ready for the photoshoot!