Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pulling the Baskets at Carrefour

I was telling YeeYee that this is one of the things the kids enjoy doing for 'family time'. Joseph says it's like rickshaws. Except that Joy-Anne is a bit too big and heavy to be his passenger.

Carrefour @ The Sphere is very convenient for us to get groceries. From our underground parking to theirs, it doesn't matter if it's pouring cats and dogs! And parking is FREE!

However, I have had several tiffs with them over wrong price scans. Once, they didn't want to honour the lower display price for a tray of eggs. I came home and wrote them a complain e-mail not quite expecting to get a reply (because you know la....Malaysian standard of customer service where got reply one). But to my surprise, they called me back and after doing their investigations, asked me to go back for a full refund.
So I got the tray of eggs for free. Another time, I found a rotten egg just one day after I bought the tray of eggs. The wrapping was still intact. So we brought it back for a no-questions-asked exchange. Looks like the kids can continue pulling baskets since I'm happy shopping there.


  1. where's The Sphere?
    wow, they've got really cool baskets. dont think they have them here in Penang....
    i can imagine Rachel having a field if they have those baskets here in Penang! hahaha..

  2. The Sphere is a tiny neighbourhood mall between our place and Pantai HillPark. Like round the corner. Much nearer alternative than Midvalley.

    The baskets seem unique to this Carrefour. Not available in Midvalley Carrefour either. But this Sphere Carrefour has no trolley. Maybe that's why got this basket la.

  3. got trolleys - my kids like to ride inside the trolleys. they also like to pull those baskets around.