Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La Manila @ Midvalley Megamall

Last night was Pastor Anil's last night with us. He had been staying with us for the past one week while he attended DUMC's 14th MCCC.

Since we have not all sat down with him together for a meal, we took him out for a proper dinner together. Not wanting to go far or battle traffic jams (he had to sleep early to wake up early this morning!), we ended up at Midvalley Megamall.

I couldn't quite decide between Little Penang Kafe and La Manila so we brought him up to the 3rd floor and let him check out the menu of La Manila and Little Vietnam next door. He decided on La Manila.
Joseph wanted to eat at his usual yummy porridge. I gently but firmly told him that we were NOT eating porridge! Being a person who's comfortable with routine and familiarity, he whined a bit but as soon as he saw the menu, he was alright.

I ordered the Nasi Pattaya (RM8.80) for him. Just looking at the egg made him happy. The keropok around it was a bonus!

He also shared my mushroom soup which came in a bread bowl. (RM9.50)

Pastor Anil had a Wan Tan Mee while Daalin had the Char Koay Teow (RM8.80). It was quite tasty. Tasty enough for Pastor Anil to order another plate for himself after he polished off his Wan Tan Mee. He called it a double blessing :-)
KongKong had the lasagne. Decent but not authentic.

Joseph ate happily and then said, "Now I want to come here everytime!"

The kids picked out a Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM5.70) for dessert.

After politely smiling for the above photo, they attacked the cake like bees to honey.

There was no need for me to feed them.

Good thing they were quite neat and didn't slap cake on each other's face, hair and clothes.

Joe did have a smear of cake on his hair because he scratches his head when he forgets that he has cake on his fingers.

I normally wouldn't pay such prices for local food. But for the comfort of an air-conditioned place and convenience of location, this is not too bad.
And it did help to make Joe try new things. Some food bloggers have reviewed that La Manila's food is bad. Oh well, my guest was very happy and satisfied with what he ate and we did have a good time of fellowship. The service was pretty fast and the staff were nice and smiley. So it's all very subjective.

The total bill for 8 dishes (lasagne, hor fun, mushroom soup, wan tan mee, 2 plates of CKT, nasi pattaya, curry mee), 4 pieces of cake, 2 coffees, 3 ice-lemon teas came to RM112. That made 5-adult-and-2-kid stomachs very full and happy!


  1. took me a few hours to figure out that CKT=char koay teow. haha!
    apa itu borek dan rintik?
    sudah lupa lah.

  2. borek and rintik means spotted and speckled...I think.