Friday, June 18, 2010

Joe at the movies - Toy Story 3

At 5 years old, Joe is still a cinema-virgin. Yesterday, he had his first experience in a cinema!

Aunty Su Yin brought him and Timothy to watch Toy Story 3 - on opening day! Even I have never watched a movie on opening day.
She got them popcorn for a complete authentic experience.

After the movie, they had lunch at Carl's Jr.

Aunty Su Yin reported to me that Joe was very well-behaved and that she would like to borrow him more often to be a good role model to Tim.
When I asked him if he gave any nonsense to Aunty Su Yin, he said no. And when I asked him why not, he said, "because I'm not her child la!!!"


  1. Muahahahahah!
    Your kid is funnie!
    He know that he can only give you nonsense!!

  2. So, he is your child, he can give you nonsence! Mischievously smart kid!