Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Return of the Four-Eyed Horror

Joseph's kindy teacher recently alerted us to the fact that Joe might have some problems with his vision. Being one of the taller ones, he is seated at the back. But he gets up to walk to the front in order to look at the white board when asked to copy from it.

As much as I'm horrified, I'm not surprised. In fact, it brought back memories of myself wearing spectacles from the very tender age of 4! So we brought him to an optician for a free eye test. She told us that we would need to see a doctor for a more accurate assessment but still obliged us with the free computerized test.

This here is my result :
Still almost perfect, 4.5 years after I had LASIK done, after wearing spectacles for 23 years!!!

And this here is Joseph's results :
The right column is for astigmatism while the left is for short-sightedness. The nice lady advised us to bring him to Tun Hussien Onn Hospital for an accurate prescription.

I suppose it isn't all that bad. Lots of people wear spectacles. It's not a disease!

But what an inconvenience it's going to be. If Joe is anything like his Ah Ku, I know he's going to lose and break his spectacles a dozen times before he's old enough to have the LASIK procedure. And in the mean time, I'm not sure if the glasses are even going to stay on his face...unless maybe I superglue them there?


  1. Wah, I like your 4yo pic. : ) Btw, I had LASIK done too, I think in 2001 in Optimax. Where did you do yours? You can get the string for Joe's spectacles.

  2. Oh wait... or is that pic Joy in Joe's glasses?

  3. haha...that first pic is not me. I didn't look this good.
    Both kids are wearing the same pair of spectacle frame. EMPTY frame. My old one. Joe doesn't have glasses yet. Haven't seen dr.

    I did lasik at the Midvalley clinic. One of the best things I've done.

  4. I agree with you! LASIK is also one of the BEST thing I ever done!! So convenience after doing it!! Phew, thank to those who invented this technology!!!
    I wonder a dead person can made survive in the future? LOL