Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Four-eyes at Five

Joseph will be 5 years old tomorrow. Hooray!!!

So following his teacher's advice, and subsequent to the optical shop visit, I brought Joseph to Tun Hussien Onn Eye Hospital (Thoneh) last Wednesday. We had lunch at Dream Cafe after school and then it was a short drive to Thoneh. At the registration counter, the lady advised us to go to the Optometry section first to have his eyes checked because the doctor would refer the same.

So we registered at the Optometry section. While waiting our turn, all the staff kept asking Joseph to show them his smiley face hairstyle.

We didn't have to wait long even though it was their lunch hour. The staff go on lunch break on shifts so that they do not close totally for lunch. I thought that was just great!

Although feeling apprehensive because he didn't know what to expect, Joe was very cooperative. He did as he was told and obeyed the very nice lady who tested his eyes.

After all the testing, the lady told us that Joe's eye power is really low and it was also very straightforward hence there was no need to see a doctor. Since we were there, I decided to just have his spectacles made there.

We tried on a couple of frames and Joe looked really depressed. When I asked him what he thought (looking in the mirror), he said, "Don't look like Joseph Tan anymore".

It cost RM150 in all (inclusive RM20 for the checking). And it was ready the very next day. He was much more receptive when we got the glasses. I think he looks pretty cute. Joy-Anne said, "Kor kor look like Arnold!" (Arnold is one of the characters in The Magic School Bus and he wears glasses).

So I've asked his teacher to kindly remind him to wear in class and to keep it properly in the case when he does not need it.

According to the optometrist, he only has to wear them in class. He can be just two-eyed when he's playing around.


  1. Joe looked pretty relaxed during the eye test! can sit cross-legged somemore! hehe...

    yup, he actually looks pretty cute in his glasses! :)

    speaking of Magic School Bus, i recently introduced it to Rachel and she has been watching it NON-STOP! she can watch up to close to 10 times a day!!

  2. My nephew also started wearing glasses last year, at 5yo but his shortsightedness was a whole lot worse. Joe actually looks good with his specs, looks so mature.