Thursday, April 01, 2010

April is here!

It's April!

April holds lovely memories for me.

Back in April 2000, ten years ago, (has it been that long???) I took my maiden-solo-long-distance-flight - all the way to Oklahoma City. I flew Penang-Singapore-Tokyo-Minneapolis-Memphis-Cincinnati-Oklahoma City. It was my longest flight ever and I arrived in OKC about 50 hours after departing Penang. The long journey was worth every minute of the 1 month that I spent in USA. Amongst other wonderful places (like shopping in Walmart at 1am!!!), I had the privilege to realise a lifelong dream of visiting both Disneyland in Los Angeles AND Disneyworld in Orlando - all thanks to a very wonderful and generous sister.

In April 2001, I visited Daalin in UK. Spring flowers were beautiful. I vividly remember the lovely tulips!

In April 2002, I visited UK again and this time we took our pre-wedding photos at Abbey Park, Leicester.

In April 2005, Joseph was born!

In April 2007, I conceived Joy-Anne, a month after a miscarriage.

In April 2009, we went to Melbourne for a 8-week-holiday!

This month, Joseph celebrates his 5th birthday. I asked him if he wants a birthday present and his reply completely surprised me. He said, "It's ok.... I don't mind."

Perplexed, I asked him what it was that he didn't mind. And he said, "I don't mind if got present or no present. It's ok." Now that makes me want to get him an even bigger present. Problem is, I don't know what to get!


  1. Talking about "April" I am reminded of a lovely song sung by Pat Boone from a movie with the same name and played by Pat Boone and Shirley Jones. This was almost 50 years ago when I was in my mid teens. "April love is for the very young ..." You can google the song. Have Edwin sing to you.
    I am so happy you have those wonderful experiences, and I am glad I allowed you on your first trip to UK.

  2. Joe is a smart kid :) He got himself a bigger present.......horaaayy!!

  3. April indeed has been great for you. And Jo is such a good boy. Psst...April is my birthday too... LOL