Sunday, April 04, 2010

Blessed Easter!

Blessed Easter to everyone! Jesus came
Jesus died
Jesus rose
Jesus lives!
Jesus is coming again.

That's the gist of what I'll be teaching the kids at Little Lamb today!


  1. how did you change the star to a smiley face? don't tell me edwin's hair grow sooo fast? vic commented on joe's hair too...

  2. and is that an Easter egg head??

  3. Irene - yup! 10 days is all it takes for their hair to grow out. That's why it's so much cheaper to cut at home. Imagine having to visit the barber every 2 weeks!

    pa - yeah I guess it could be an easter egg head.

    che - Joe has the same thing. They attracted quite a bit of attention in church yesterday. And he told pastor daniel "see my head!!!"

  4. pls take photo of joe's head too

  5. I saw Jo at kindy the day after Easter and my first reaction was, "Buffafly did it again! :-)"