Sunday, April 18, 2010

DUMC Membership at last

We were received into DUMC Membership at Sunday Celebration this morning. All this while, we have been idle members of Seremban Wesley Methodist while actively serving in DUMC. I can't remember exactly but it must have been about at least 4 to 5 years since we joined a DUMC cell and slowly got drawn into Children's Church. In any other local Methodist church, transfer of membership would require a mere handshake with the pastor. But in DUMC and DUMC alone, you would still be required to go through their requirements before you can have that handshake. This is in spite of the number of years you have been a Christian and a serving one too.

The first step is to join a cell. That was not a problem. Then one has to attend either My New Life class (2hours x 7 sundays) or Basic Doctrine 1 (4 hours x 2 saturdays). Since we already spend so much time in church every weekend, we decided to take the Basic Doctrine test which would exempt us from either of the classes, if we passed.

So that's what we did last October, and I'm glad to say that we passed decently.

The next step was to attend the Baptism and Membership Encounter Weekend. This is a weekend away (Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon) and a very refreshing one indeed.

After all that, you get to be interviewed by your Zone Pastor.

And finally....this morning.... we have front row seats with our names on them!!!
Nana was back in Penang so we decided to bring the kids up with us. I could have left Joe at Little Lamb but Joy will certainly make a fuss. Thankfully, the church staff were understanding enough to allow us to bring them up on the condition that they stick close to us and not run around.

Joseph was most well-behaved. Joy-Anne....well, let's just say she looked quite cute trying to twirl her skirt on stage in front of 2000 people.
Pastor Daniel came up to us and shook Joy's hand while telling her that "it has taken your papa and mama a long time to become members". Pastor Kee also said to Daalin "Now only you become member? Yau mou kau chor ah...?" And most everyone else has exclaimed, "You mean you're not members yet???"
Well, I guess it's always better late than never.


  1. pls keep joy bak bak till the next time i see her.

  2. congrats!

    now i see you found an occasion for joy to wear that dress

  3. It's ok... i think you guys did great... i probably would take like... never? haha... too much steps after reading what you been thru, i'm like... why be a member? i still go to heaven, rite? ; ) sorry, u can shoot me for that, but too much hassle lar.