Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Doing The Freeze

One of the many things the kids do at Little Lamb is this - dancing!

And this has got to be their favourite...

I love watching them dance and jump.

Nevermind if they break the bed. Then I'll have a reason to get a new one!


  1. aiyoh so CUTE!!!
    i'm so glad i bought the tweety for Joe! and now Joy!

  2. this is my new favorite video. watched it at least 10 times.
    what did joy say in the 2nd video before saying i fall down?"
    just email your reply to me. no need to post on blog.

  3. What did Joe say at the end of the first video??

  4. He said, "did you like the farting part?"

  5. That's a relief. It sounded like something else