Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter celebration with the Orang Asli

This is the Daalin signing in as a guest blogger. It's been a long time since I contributed something in this blog. Have always been wanting to, but I've got a disease - procrastination. Anyway, here I am again.

Check out the father and son hairstyle below!

Today being Easter, this father and son pair went to an Orang Asli (OA) carnival, together with our CG and some others. The purpose - to contribute to the OA Easter carnival by organizing games stalls.

So our CG contributed 3 games. The 1st game was where they were supposed to throw a ball on a velcro board and make it stick. We got Joseph to help by removing any balls that are stuck on the velcro board and return it to the games-master.

We packed a sandwich lunch because we were afraid the food prepared by the OA might not agree with our city stomachs. So this is Joe's egg and cheese sandwich.

However, I could not resist the temptation of wild-boar curry prepared by the OA, so I had 2 helpings of it. Yummy!

The next game that we contributed was bowling. But we didn't take any pictures.
And the third game was quoites also known as throwing hoops. In this game, Joe played several roles. First he was in charge of stamping the players' score-card each time they threw a hoop into the stick.

Then he also took care of the stick - i.e., picked up the hoops and returned them to the game master.

However, sometimes he ended up as the target :)

Then, during one of the breaks (when the OAs went for their lucky draw), Joe and Zachary (the youngest son of our CG leader) had a go at the games. I suppose it was quite tiring for them to watch others play for a few hours while they could not play (because they were here to serve!)

We sometimes sneaked out of the games stall to just take a break at a stream nearby.

We left at about 2pm, and reached home just before 4pm. It was a rather tiring day. However, I pray that this trip would have at least planted a seed in Joseph to help him realize how blessed he is with all the nice comforts of life at home. Also, above all riches, health, status and success, I pray that Joseph would grow up to be a man who loves and appreciates God's creations, and to also have a deep sense of compassion for fellow man.


  1. wish i could have some of the wild boar curry too.

  2. wish i could have some of the wild boar curry too.