Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Marry Card - by Joseph

The entire church is currently going through a series of sermons on The Ten Commandments. While Pastor Daniel preaches it from the pulpit, Children's Church is also teaching it week by week.

So last Saturday, we did Commandment #7 - Do Not Commit Adultery.

Realising that it will be tough to explain adultery to children aged 3-5 years, the teaching team decided to teach about the importance of a strong family unit instead. We were roped in to do some acting to illustrate the point.

It was a very simple skit : boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Boy and girl gets married, have children, stay true and faithful to each other - happy family.

After we got home that evening, Joseph drew this for me. He said that our acting (he acted too!) inspired him to draw a 'marry card' for me.

I thought it was so cool! He even remembered to draw our wedding rings!
I should frame this up and someday present it back to him on his wedding day.

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