Monday, April 05, 2010

An Egg-citing Easter at Little Lamb

So while the Daalin and Joe visited the Orang Asli settlement in Bentong, I was busy on duty at Little Lamb. I was quite happy with how it turned out. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the worship part especially where they got to shout "NO!" after the first line of the song "God's not dead... (NO!) He's alive..."

I used a rope trick to talk about sin and explain why Jesus had to die. And then I had the scenery of Golgotha and the tomb to teach the kids about the crucifixion. (Thanks to the big box that the new 32" LCD tv came in, I cut it open and did some drawing. Also cut a hole for the tomb and made a big stone that is movable, fixed with a twistie). Finally, I used an intact empty egg shell (poked 2 holes and drained the egg out earlier) to explain the significance of the Easter Egg. And I cracked it open while they gasped in surprise to find it empty!

Yup...just like the tomb, the egg is empty! Empty because Jesus is alive!
After all that egg-talk, they were divided into 3 groups for the Egg Hunt at the Rock Garden. While 1 group hunted, the other 2 had their snack time.

It was more eggs during craft time. Nope, they didn't paint or decorate the chicken eggs because I wanted to keep them edible to avoid wastage. Instead they had paper card eggs, with a crack in it and a chicken (stuck to ice cream stick at the back) that could pop out.

I'm quite glad Joy-Anne went to Little Lamb instead of the Orang Asli village. It was very hot there and certainly no Disneyland. But I'm glad Joe went because it was good exposure for him. At least he now knows that having a warm bed, good food and an abundance of toys is not the norm for lots of children. Joy is still too young to understand. When she's bigger, she'll get the same 'treat'.


  1. The orang asli village was in Bentong? Did they charter a bus, or cars? How far from Bentong?

  2. yes Bentong. I dunno exact location. Got to ask the Daalin. All drive individual cars. About 15 cars in all.

  3. That is quite a convoy

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  5. No pic of the Easter @ Little Lamb? Wanna see your creativity!

  6. got to wait for other ppl's photos coz my camera went to the orang asli village.