Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joseph's Blessed 5th Birthday - celebration at home

Back home, Joe wanted to skip his nap. But I explained that he had to recharge his batteries so that he could have a good time when we had his dinner party.

I let him open some presents before he napped. First was this present that came home in his school bag. I'm not sure if it's from his teacher or from the kindy. Haven't had the time to ask her.

Next was a present from Nana.

Nana very thoughtfully wrapped up some simple colouring books for Joy-Anne too so that she wouldn't feel left out.

After he woke up from his nap, I gave him this present from Papa and Mama.
Truth be told, I don't remember where this came from or how long it's been sitting in the top shelf of my cupboard. I was clearing out my cupboard last week when I found it and showed it to Joe. He looked at it then told me "this will do" for his birthday present. So I gave it to him unwrapped because he said we should save paper.

Next was a present from Evan.

He was actually very eager to play with his new toys but I told him he had to drink his milk first. And his reply really pleased me. He said, "Ok. I will obey what you say."

After playing for a while, he wanted to make his aeroplane cake. He told me he wanted to make a aeroplane cake and use his yummy biscuits for the wings, and use peanut butter to stick them together.
So I bought a swiss roll and let him have some creative fun!

Ah Mah, Ah Kong, Ah Ku, Kim Kim and Ah Chor came for dinner. We had Joe's favourite foods - Dominos Pizza, fried rice and hokkien mee. Nana made coleslaw while Ah Mah cooked devil chicken and brought roast duck.

After dinner, we took out the cakes.

But before cutting, we made Joe take photos with everyone.

He obediently smiled and posed with everybody.

But after a dozen photos, he got fed up and said, "Hey....this is not a birthday celebration if you don't sing to me and let me cut my cake!"

So we got down to business and let him cut as he pleased.
After the first cut, he told me he wanted to cut a triangle.

Initially, I didn't quite understand what he wanted to do.

Then I realized he cut the cake into wedges for serving!
And so neatly and evenly too!!!

When he had served a piece to everyone, he indulged himself with cake - on his face!

Oh well, it's his birthday. He can do as he pleases!

Five years if half a decade! I'm pleased with the way he has grown. Of course there are times when he makes me want to pull my hair out and give him a good spanking. But most times, he's quite obedient and well-behaved. He's a very thoughtful son and loving, caring brother.

Joseph, we pray that you will grow up to know Jesus, love Jesus, serve Jesus and walk with Him faithfully all the days of your life.