Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Pictures for Stress Relieve

It has been a very stressful weekend for reasons I can't explain. I just feel so drained and exhausted. I want to run away and hide in some cave.

So since that is not a possibility, the next best thing is looking at pictures of my adorable smiling babies. Here are some taken randomly over the past week or so.
big brother taking care of the princess sister

Joy says : I'm taking Matthew for a walk.

Oh oh.... she's too young to be watching her weight.

this is Nana's work....I'm just the photographer.

smiling to erase my stress...

And finally....Joe and his own version of Adventure Zone...


  1. Was Joy gonna say "oh me oh my" in the video? so cute lah...

  2. err...that's not Joy in the video.

  3. then whose voice was it? Joe?
    i thought i saw joe sliding down and joy saying oh me oh my.

  4. oh the ending part....yes I think you're right.