Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joseph's Blessed 5th Birthday - celebration in school

We celebrated Joseph's 5th Birthday yesterday. He was a very happy boy indeed. Prior to his very special day, I had already asked him what he would like. But he kept saying "I don't mind". Either he doesn't quite know or he's a very accommodating and undemanding boy.

So anyway, I surfed around for creative cakes and stumbled upon a picture of a pirate ship cake which didn't look too difficult.

I emailed the photo to a friend of mine and asked if she could do it. This wonderful friend (thank God for her!) actually went to the trouble of purchasing a new cake tin of the right size and experimented with it once, before making the actual cake on Tuesday.

She made it double-layered so that it's about 7 inches high. Then she even made blue and green jelly for the sea and iced a anchor and a ladder. Too bad the ladder got smudged against the box while on the way from her place to mine on Tuesday night. At home, I added the deco on my own. Joy-Anne looked like she also wanted such a fantastic-looking cake. But she still proclaimed that it was kor kor's cake. So we brought the pirate ship cake to Joe's kindy on Wednesday morning and waited in the pantry for the kids.
After they washed their hands, Joseph's class came into the pantry and everybody oohed and aahed at his cake.

They sang "Happy Birthday" to him

and then took a group photo.
Blowing the candle however was a little bit of a challenge because it was in front and he couldn't reach it.
So we had to turn the cake a little to help him.
Then for some unknown reason (at least unknown to me), when his teacher got the class to line up to go back to their classroom, Joe's best friend stood rooted to the floor next to him. So I took a photo for them.
Then we took some family photos before cutting up the cake.

Serving cake and helping the kids with their drinks kept us very busy during the entire 30-minute recess. I gave the children Dutch Lady grape-flavoured milk. It's something like vitagen (I think) but doesn't have to be kept cold which I felt was ideal because Joe starts coughing if he takes anything out of the fridge.

Later when I fetched Joseph home from school, he was a very happy boy. As soon as he got into the car, he told me he was very happy we went to school for his birthday and that his friends liked his cake.

I'm so glad it takes so little to make him so happy!


  1. So, there was no cake cutting on Wednesday evening?

  2. got got....I'm waiting for the darn slow connection to finish loading the video. can see on fb first.

  3. wow! nice cake! :)
    your friend definitely did a great job!
    so did the kids & school staff finish all the cake?

  4. the kids ate up 1/3. I was quite surprised. several asked for 2nd helping.

    Left 1/4 for the teachers and another 1/4 for church office staff. So brought home only a small piece.