Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Testimonies in Floodgates Issue #56 (May-June2010)

We've been told by several people that the family is rather 'famous' in the latest issue of Floodgates.

The children's photos appear twice in this issue. On page 9 is my testimony regarding the Children's Workers Conference in March.

And on page 11 is another testimony by my mum.

We didn't pakat to have it this way. And since I don't believe in coincedence, it must be divine appointment.
Anyone and everyone is most welcome to by Dream Center to pick up a FREE personal copy.


  1. Thank God for Ah Mah and Mummy!

  2. mummy's grandmother is our Ah Chor. The butterworth one.

  3. mummy's mother = ah mah, yes?
    thank God for Ah Chor too.
    most importantly, thank God for His grace and love.