Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rewarding Joseph

Over the last week or so, Joseph showed plenty of improvement in his reading. He picked out words around the house and read it with no prompting.

Last night, he pointed to this bottle and said "Papa, I can read those words. Black Pepper."

And this is Herbalife....

While seating on the 'throne', he pointed to this shampoo bottle and told me, "Mama...that word is dove. Change the 'L' in love to a 'D' and you get dove."

Yesterday at Children's Church, we got a breakthrough with him by finally motivating him to go on stage as a 'sidekick' for the worship leader. He refused the last time giving the excuse that he had never done it before and that children will laugh at him.

Up till the moment we were gonna practice yesterday, he said "I'm going to chicken out". But in the end he went up and he did it very cheerfully. We praised and encouraged him tremendously after his job well done. It was a very wonderful time of worship as I played the keyboard while Daalin played the guitar and both Joe and Joy were on stage as 'sidekicks'.

This morning we had a Beach Fishing Party at Little Lamb.

Joe helped out again with the worship and also with the actions when I taught the children another song later.

So he earned 3 rewards this weekend. One for his role in children's church on Sat, one for Little Lamb on Sunday and one more for his reading.

If I as an earthly mere mortal parent can derive so much joy from giving to my child, how much more does our Heavenly Father delight in giving and blessing us with all his riches and blessings beyond our wildest imagination. God wants to bless. Are we ready to receive?


  1. what happened to: "i have too many toys?"

  2. he's good at receiving :-)

  3. i really like joy in the pink dress, pink hat, sweater and socks.
    so cute!! do u have a close-up of joy in that outfit?

    but u're in msia lah!
    not hot meh? wear so many layers.

  4. eh nope, no close up. you have to ZOOM in! and the aircon in there was really cold. Otherwise I'd have ditched the cardigan.