Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hola! We're going to meet Dora

Inspired by the great holiday that Tairvlyn had in Singapore recently, I'm itching to bring the kids too. Then last week, there was a pull-out in The Star featuring Singapore!

And what caught my eye was a tiny little column about the Singapore Zoo's guest for June.

That's right! Dora and Diego are making guest appearances at the Singapore Zoo, every weekend in June. So I managed to convince Daaling to make a trip down south. After all, we've got free accommodation.

And you can print a Buy2 Free1 voucher here so we only have to pay for 2 adults since Joy is not yet 3 and will not be charged admission fee.

It's gonna be a 4D3N trip with stopovers to see the YongPengTribe and also to Seremban to celebrate Ah Kong's birthday on the way back.

But first, I've got to make a trip to the Immigration Department to renew mine and Joe's passpsorts.

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  1. and this is my best friend boots!!!