Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preparing for the Wild Wild West

It's gonna be a Wild Wild West Party at Joe's kindy next month. I can just imagine the whole hall full of cowboys.

Joe said he wanted to be a cactus so that he can poke everybody. So while Daalin babysat the kids at ToysRUs...

I popped over to Kamdar to look for green fabric! After walking around the entire store, I almost wanted to purchase some dark green fabric that had subtle stripes, and was on 70% discount. But the thought of all that sewing... (and what would I use for thorns???!?!!) and knowing that it would be a white elephant after a couple of hours, I couldn't quite make up my mind so I walked back to ToysRUs and then I saw this...

The store is full of ToyStory3 merchandise. One look at Woody and I recalled that YeeYee bought Joe a star-sheriff badge with his name on it, a long time ago.

So I went home and searched the bottom drawer and..... tadaa!!!! I found it!

After sitting in that bottom drawer for about 4 years, I finally have use for it. Now all I need is a cowboy hat.

And I know just where to find it.


  1. wow that's such a COOL badge!
    now you need spiky cowboy boots to go with that (and J can still poke people!)

  2. I have cowboy scarfs (with the badge) that I got it during a Wild Wild West X'mas 2 years ago. Do you want it?

  3. Thanks YenMei but no need la. I have plenty of scarves at home and also have no intention for him to win the Best Dressed prize. Just go and have fun.

  4. U always say anything not used for the last one year should be disposed off. Good thing U kept that badge for more than 4 years. And yes that's a real nice badge.

  5. no no no....I said anything you don't touch in the last FIVE years.... :-)

  6. hey... if yeeyee bought it, then you keep it FOREVER!
    and i bought it in July 2007 so it's been ALMOST 3 years.

  7. Hey, where are you gonna get the cowboy hat? We want to get a cowgirl hat too but scouted around 1U last weekend but didn't find any.