Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. I'm thankful for the privilege and blessing to be a mother to my 2 beautiful, intelligent and delightful kids.
Joe made this for me at CG last night

I'm also very thankful to have a wonderful mother who is a even more wonderful grandmother to my kids.
for Nana, by Joe

As I reflect on how blessed I am, my thoughts go out today to all the women out there who long to be mothers but can't. Infertility is very real and increasingly common.

I also think of all the mothers whose arms are empty because their babies are in heaven. I have one in heaven too.

We decided not to join the crowds of people splurging hard-earned cash at extra-expensive buffets in hotels and restaurants. It's just too commercialised!

So this morning, we had a slow relaxing breakfast at DreamCafe. Then the kids went to Little Lamb. I stayed with them as well and Daalin had to be pianist impromptu.

Aunty Lily had the children make sandwiches for their mummies.

Joe made me a heart-shaped one. And then he tried eating the leftovers and said, "Tuna is not so bad after all".

He also painstakingly did the 3-heart craft for me.

I had to help Joy make the craft for myself :-) Of course I was more than happy to do so.

Then we all had a very simple lunch at DreamCafe. Food was no big deal. But it was time spent with family that was most important. Ah Chor was most happy to have her cheese cake fix. She usually eats very little so I was very surprised that she finished the entire piece (which was very big!) and also a glass of teh tarik after that.

We came home after lunch and I had a good afternoon nap sandwiched between my 2 lovely kids.

After nap, I went to the gym for a sweat. Blissful indeed.

I had to take a photo of 4-generations of women in our family. It was a women-only picture but Joseph got upset that we excluded him.

So they took a boys-only picture after that.
And now he's happy. And I'm happy of course.

Blessed Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere. And Happy Mother-to-be Day to YeeYee!

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  1. Reuben's pose in the last photo reminds me of the same pose by Joe when he was about 9 mos old (?).
    Joe was on your bed with his tummy sticking out.