Monday, May 03, 2010

Logic for Laughter

I love the way Joseph's brain works.

He always makes me laugh.

Incident #1.
During our Tan family holiday in March, he overheard me calling Joshua and Daniel as "Josh" and "Dan" and asked me why I called them such. So I explained to him that it's just a shortform. To save breath and saliva :-)

He looked deep in thought for a moment then said, "So the shortfrom for Sean is Shh..?"

Incident #2.
Ah Mah celebrated her 66th birthday last week. I asked Joe to make her a card. He asked me how old Ah Mah would be and I told him. Knowing that 66 candles would be just too many to draw, I told him to draw 6 big candles and 6 small candles, briefly explaining why but not quite sure if he understood that each big candle represented 10.

So he started drawing and minutes later, he came to me and said, "But Mama!!! Six plus six is 12!!! I counted already!"

And just for the record, he now weighs 20kg and stands at 113cm.


  1. has he asked you why u call him joe instead of joseph?

  2. yes I explained to him also that Joe is short for Joseph. Then I tested him with a few other names and he caught it.