Thursday, May 06, 2010

Last weekend

Last Friday morning, I found my princess burning with a temperature of 39.1C at 3 o'clock in the morning. One suppository, tepid-sponging (with some 'fighting') and 30 minutes later, her temperature came down and she went back to sleep. Her fever came back about every 6-8 hours in the next 24 hours.

We had a busy weekend lined up and I really couldn't afford to have her being sick. I had teaching duty at Little Lamb the next day and we were also to make a day trip to Seremban for Ah Mah's belated birthday celebration on Sat.

So we dropped by Baby and Beyond Clinic on Saturday morning.
Looking nothing like a clinic, it certainly is the most kid-friendly clinic in town.
No sterile-looking set-up.

Dr Chow Su Lin attended to us. Joy was a very obedient patient. She sat really still while the doctor examined her.
Doctor said she had some crepitations in her right lung, upper lobe and diagnosed a lung infection i.e. pneumonia. Pneumonia sounds a lot more morbid.

We spent about an hour in all at the clinic. Including time for the kids to play. From the clinic, we went straight to Seremban, crawling the whole journey there because of the heavy traffic.

In fact, we had to go straight to the restaurant where Ah Mah, Ah Kong and the YongPengTribe were already waiting. Good thing both kids slept through the extra-long journey and arrived there all refreshed to play with their cousins.

Joy is all better now. Thank God for her speedy and complete recovery. And we had a great weekend in spite of fever and traffic jams.

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  1. wah cool clinic! doesnt look like a looks more like a huge playground! definitely a kids attraction...

    glad that Joy is all well now... :)