Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wings that don't fly

I can't quite remember what I said that made Joseph say he wanted aeroplane wings. I lose a bit of brain cells and memory with each pregnancy.
Nope, this ain't the wings. Just some Tupperware toys that we brought back from Penang. I played with them as a child. They are no more in production I believe.

So anyway, I opened up the cardboard box that was still lying around the house, cut some wing shapes, poked holes and tied an elastic. Initially I remarked that Joseph look like he was carrying a cross - like Jesus. It made him cross!

Then Joy-Anne exclaimed she wanted butterfly wings.

Ahh....now I recall. Joy-Anne started this whole wing thing. She took a big hard-cover book, put it to her back and said, "I'm a butterfly!" So I told her I would make butterfly wings for her and that's when Joseph eavesdropped and said he wanted aeroplane wings.

So mummy got busy and started cutting out wings. And here's my singing butterfly...


  1. u very creative la....good to spend such time wid d kids...creating memories for them.

  2. i can identify with you on the "I lose a bit of brain cells and memory with each pregnancy" part!