Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Round 2 at the Adventure Zone Penang

Yesterday, we went to the Adventure Zone again. This time we had Ah Ku and Kim Kim with us. More people = more fun!

We got there just past 10am when they opened. The place was totally empty and we had the entire place to ourselves.
Joy started at the toddler area but after that she started to seem unhappy and clung to me like a koala.

Joseph on the other hand was extremely happy and most at-home. Daalin was also less afraid of the near-vertical slides this time. He zoomed down with Ah Ku.

Ah Ku and Joseph had a race around the obstacle course. I thought they looked like a rabbit racing with a hippo.

Meanwhile, Joy made herself comfortable at the cosy kitchen play area.

She was much happier away from the terrifying slides.

Finally towards the end of our time there, Joy-Anne warmed up and started having fun.

Kim Kim was so daring to go on the highest slide.

This is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Roller coasters are not as terrifying because you are strapped into a cocoon-like seat. This is just free-falling with nothing to hold on to. But I mustered enough courage to take the bigger plunge...

Joseph surprised me by going on the slide all by himself. When he got to the bottom on the first round, he had a terrified look on his face and I asked him if he was alright. He pat his chest and said, "A bit frighten. Let's go again!!!" And he immediately got up and ran for the stairs again.

He really enjoyed himself much more this time than the previous time. It's certainly more fun when you have great company.

Info : Adventure Zone Penang

Location : Golden Sands Resort, Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang.

Opening hours : 10am - 7pm daily.

Admission rates : RM20 + 5% govt tax on weekdays, RM30 + 5% on weekends for children. Adults enter free with children.

Dress code : Socks must be worn at all times. Long sleeves musts be worn when using the slides.


  1. wish i was there!!!
    were nana and kong kong there?

  2. yeah...then Joe can race with TWO chui-gu!!!
    Nana and KongKong were at home throwing out junk.

  3. wow, Joanne is so brave to go on the near-vertical slide! looks scary la.. hehe.