Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January weekend in Penang

We came up to Penang last Thursday. I thought the kids would sleep all the way to Penang but they woke up even before we reached Ipoh. So we took a detour to Bukit Tambun for dinner.

We had soft-shell-crab, oh chien, lai liu har and fried rice. Less than RM50. Wayyyyy cheaper than the seafood dinner we had in Port Dickson.

On Friday morning, I had planned to visit the Butterfly Farm. But seeing the kids coughing and having stuffy noses, we visited the paediatrician instead. Hope Children's Hospital on Gotllieb Road was fantastic. I forgot to bring the camera. But the kids had a wonderful time playing in the spacious waiting area.

After the paediatrician, we went to Proton Edar just near my parent's place to check out the Exora. Joseph was so excited!

He jumped all over the MPV from the front, to the back, to the front, to the middle...

Joy-Anne cried her lungs out from the moment we stepped through the glass doors. I don't quite know what terrified her but she was not at all pleased to check out the MPV. Even the salesman was frightened by her crying.

Later in the evening, we went to the beach.

We tried getting Joy acquainted with the beach...

But my princess being a princess did not like the feeling of sand between her toes. She clung to me the rest of the time we were there.

Joseph happily ran around and tried making sandcastles.

On the way home, Joy-Anne entertained us with her singing but Joseph got angry because she didn't to sing his song.

After dinner that night, we went to Tesco and I bought a pack of mini cornetto. Joy loved it.
She would say, "I want mini ice cream" and she also fed kor kor.
We were at Penang Wesley on Saturday evening and the kids had a whale of a time at the simple playground.

Big kids included...

At night, Ah Ku and Kim Kim went pak-tho-ing in Batu Ferringhi...

Sunday morning - we went to Penang Wesley.

After church, we went to the car wash. Joseph took photos...

Joy-Anne cried the whole time even though she said, "I'm not scared!"

Sunday evening - we went over to Tairven and Wee Lyn's place for dinner. Ruth and family and Paul were also there. I took the opportunity to celebrate Joy-Anne's birthday.

Joseph had a great time being the magician's apprentice. I will have to wait for the rest of the photos from Tairven.

The kids played so much... Joy-Anne didn't eat a bite.
We had a lovely weekend in Penang. With the beach, car wash, checking out the Exora and the Adventure Zone, Joseph said he had an absolutely fantastic holiday. I feel like a terrible parent to have him skip school to play at the Adventure Zone, not that he's complaining. Then again, he's only 4plus. Years from now, it won't matter a single bit.

This will probably be our last time in this home in Penang. The next time we come up, we'll have to book a hotel room.


  1. err..why is Joe wearing a Christmas hat??

  2. where are the photos of ruth and paul and weelyn and tairven?

    aiyoh... i say kids can skip school anytime (for a good reason) until they are in std 4.

  3. wl - he was wearing for fun coz the hat has been in the car since christmas.

    che - photos of everyone else on fb. and why only can skip school till std 4? after that cannot meh? I skipped 2 weeks of school in form 4, and still got first in the form after that.

  4. then why u worry about pulling joe out of school to go penang?
    yes, joe should skip school the next time i visit so we can go kai kai.

  5. so your last time at home in penang? sold the house? btw joe is sooo brave with the waves and sand. vic still prefers to wear slippers on the beach, william too.